Thursday, February 01, 2007

How did Dreamgirls get 8 Oscar nominations? This was an AWFUL film, people. To paraphrase Elanor: "the whole thing was designed to NOT PISS OFF DIANA ROSS". It was clunky, trite, with kitchen-sink character development, and unable to at any point inspire any emotional reaction. I infinitely preferred the treatment Dreamgirls received in CAMP:

[sorry about the abs scene -- this is obviously not related to my point]

AND, the, ahem, Supreme irony is this: with all the hoolpa in the film about the original, earthy, REAL version of "One Night Only" being corrupted into the poppy, empty, Beyonce version of the song (because she's beautiful), what becomes the official single release? The poppy, empty Beyonce version! Is this some kind of subversive point being made? Perhaps that nothing has changed all these years later? Or are the filmmakers somehow unaware of the actual point they were trying to make? This is a BAD FILM people!

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